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Pregnancy & Birth Doula

Pre-Natal And Post-Natal

About Me

My name is Ruth, a mother of two living near Wrexham in North Wales. My Doula journey began when I was lucky enough to journey alongside a friend during her pregnancy. At the time, I hadn’t heard of a Doula yet this became my exact role.

My Services

As well as providing the physical and emotional support for you, I also apply myself in other areas, these include:



Dog Walking

Sibling care



Why Choose Me

I am a compassionate woman whose aim is to bring calmness and relaxation to your experience. The bond between a mother and baby is beyond anything I have ever experienced. The journey starts from the moment you see the positive line. From that moment your journey should be nothing less than perfect. Thats what I strive for, and aim for in your journey. To find out more, book in a meeting and we can go from there.

Let's work together