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My Story

My client didn’t have much of a support network around her, or a driving license. So I took on every role. I assisted her in her antenatal classes and scans. We discussed every detail together. I encouraged her to proceed with anything she wished for and kept her dreams on track as she asked me to support her in doing so.

At her 12-week scan, we had the shock of our lives when we were told that two babies were inside and so the incredible journey began…

It opened a door for me and before I knew it I was back in education determined to somehow work with mothers and families as they embark on the journey of welcoming their babies into the world. My aim is to support you, encourage you, and hold you as you make the decisions you want. I will be that safe network you need, and the secure guidance to achieve the best birth experience that you deserve. We can talk about expectations and coping techniques. I am also here to discuss any concerns you may have. I can communicate when you feel you can’t. Rest assured I am here every step of the way.